Front of House- Server KATY Katy

Front of House- Server KATY

Part Time • Katy


Position Classification: Part-Time

Shifts include lunch and dinner.

Required Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Arrives to work on time, well-groomed in a clean uniform for every shift
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude at all times, willing to help out where needed
  • Follows all Walk-On’s safety, sanitation, and employee guidelines
  • Follows direction from managers and owners in setting up the restaurant for business
  • Maintains a clean work area during the shift
  • Follows Walk-On’s steps of service in exceeding the Guest’s experience
  • Adheres to Walk-On’s team service
  • Signs and adheres to the Walk-On’s Guy uniform standards
  • Follows the Appearance, Fitness and Image Standards established for a Walk-On’s Guy
  • Knowledgeable of Walk-On’s menu and suggestive sells items to enhance the dining experience
  • Assists other team members in taking care of Guests, cleaning and maintaining tables, and running food
  • Follows all requirements for the responsible service of alcohol, maintains state required bar card
  • Understands basic money handling and can make proper change
  • Currently able to serve alcohol and can meet all state requirements
  • Must be flexible in schedule requirements as hours may fluctuate due to special events.
  • Work well with all types of customers and co-workers
  • Assist other employees to complete any tasks during shift
  • Willing to clean all areas of the restaurant as needed.
Candidate Minimal Requirements:


  • Can read all training materials printed in English. Can complete all required menu, concept and food safety testing in English.
  • Previous restaurant experience preferred but not required.
  • Complete requirements of job without constant supervision.
  • Natural smiling personality.
Physical requirements for this position include:

Continuous standing, bending, lifting and carrying items up to 25 pounds including food service trays to and from the kitchen. Must be able to smile at all times while maintaining a positive service attitude at all times. Ability to clearly and cheerfully communicate with all guests. Must be able to hear and communicate via headset. Able to be on their feet for prolonged periods of time. Must be able to balance and carry multiple food and beverages to and from dining area. Must be able to bend and reach to clean under and around tables, booths, and other seating; as well as reaching to restock necessary items for FOH products as necessary part of side work.

Position Classification:

The position for which you are being considered is a part-time position, which, for purposes of the new federal health reform law, satisfies federal standards. Under those federal standards, work is part-time if someone works 29 hours or less a week on average. This average is not calculated on a week-by-week basis. Instead, a measurement period, also known as a look back period, is used to determine the average hours an employee works per week. Work hours may fluctuate from time-to-time depending on business needs and how hours are scheduled. Simply because hours may increase from time-to-time does not mean the position ceases to be a part-time position; it does not mean the position is full-time for benefits or other purposes. Variation in hours is part of the job position and may be such that you work well over 30 hours per week for an extended time. All changes to full-time positions will be documented with a formal notice; in the absence of that designation by us, a change has not occurred.

Federal law states that an employer is to measure its employees hours worked to determine possible future health plan eligibility; therefore, if you are hired, we will track any hours worked over a 12-month period starting with the first day of the first month following the date of hire. If, at the end of the 12 months you are then determined to be eligible, you will be offered plan coverage at that time for the following 12 months. (Coverage is never available retroactively.) You may still waive / decline the coverage; you do not have to elect our health insurance – though the new law may carry other implications for you if you have no other health insurance coverage. Review those rules with your personal financial, tax or legal advisor. If you do elect our health plan coverage at that time, you must pay your share of the premiums which will be set as required and allowed by federal law. Also, if you elect our plan coverage, federal law generally requires you must keep that coverage for the next 12 months; very limited circumstances would permit you to drop that election mid-year. For example, if your hours fall, you cannot drop the coverage even if your pay falls as you work fewer hours; if your spouse loses his or her job, you cannot change your decision to take our coverage based on IRS rules. If your paycheck is not sufficient to pay your share of the premiums, that will be a debt you owe to us. Premiums are due by the first day of the month following the date you are first in arrears. If premiums are not paid by that date, with a 30-day grace period as provided by law, your coverage will terminate, and continuation generally will not be available. Coverage ends when your employment ends. Hours will be tracked for each year following as well, with the time frame depending on our formal plan year. An annual calculation will be done, and you may or may not be determined to be eligible going forward for future coverage.

Plan terms as explained in the formal plan document and summary plan description will control your rights under the plan in the event of conflicting information.

Dress Code (Female Staff):


Red or Blue, non-slip soled shoes. Athletic no-show socks must be worn – not visible at all.

Female Staff:

Walk-On’s girls are expected to uphold a consistent image by maintaining a routine that provides each with a natural, wholesome, vibrant look! Female employees must wear Walk-On’s Girl uniform. Walk-On’s will provide the first uniform. Any additional uniforms are to be purchased by the employee.


Walk-On’s navy blue ticket pouches are to be worn with the navy belt. Pouches must be clean and pressed upon each shift.


Hair and fingernails must be clean and well-kept at all times. Hair must be worn either half-up or in a full ponytail. No bizarre haircuts, styles, or colors are acceptable. No headbands, hats, large hair clips, or scrunchies are to be worn.


Make-up and jewelry may only be worn in moderation and in good taste including traditionally accepted jewelry, such as earrings for females or wedding rings.


Only natural, French Manicure, American Manicure or Walk-On’s red nail polish are permitted.

Dress Code (Male Staff):


Black or Blue, non-slip soled shoes. Athletic no-show socks must be worn – not visible at all.

Male Staff:

Employees must wear navy shorts; red Walk-On’s logoed polo


Walk-On’s navy blue aprons are to be worn. Aprons must be clean and pressed upon each shift.


Groomed mustaches, beards and goatees are permitted

Dress Code – All Staff:


Any visible tattoos of an offensive nature will not be permitted for FOH employees.

Position Information


There’s really no better way to describe the uniqueness of Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux. We start every dish from scratch and use fresh ingredients to bring our mouthwatering, Cajun cuisine to life. And whether you’re here for dinner with the family, date night, cocktails with the girls or to watch a game on the big screen, we’re always happy to share our Louisiana culture with you.

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